There are numerous places to hang out but the main area is Blloku. There are plenty of pubs and places to hang arround. If you walk from downtown, pass Shallvaret, pass the small bridge and enter the main street. If you take te first right you can find a couple of places that have live music, usually around 10 or so. If you take the 3rd street there is Buddha Bar and others. Basically walk around and find something you like.

I do not remember the names, something that start with "S". If somebody knows them better please

Also in Blloku there is New Irish, Cannon and Alexandro Wine House.

Beside Blloku, there is Alma de Cuba near "Ekspozita Sot" or the old "Mumja".

Another nice wine place that few people know is behind the school Edhit Durham (old 11 Janari). I do not have the address but if you do please email it to me.