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Going up
If you visit Tirana one of the must-see places is Dajti. Few years ago it was not that popular because it was relatively far from Tirana but now with the cable car, the trips last about 14 minutes and the 2-way ticket is 500 lek($5+). Dajti is becoming a fairly popular place.


To go to the cable car you can take a taxi from the center (500-600 lek) or the Porcelani bus. There is a shuttle service from the bus station to the cable car terminal but I am not sure about the schedule. If you are a group you can arrange a pickup, contact the cable car info center.

The cable car is new and nice. The first time I went last year was brand new, now I saw some scratches from “bright people” that wanted to write their names in the cars.

The trip lasts only 15 minutes and there are a couple of coffee places in both terminals.

Dajti Picture
Tirana and surrounding

Besides the coffee shop there are a few restaurants very close. Whoever has been there before the 90s will see that the field has changed a lot. It has never had a lot of grass but right now it does not have any. Few horses are trying to find some grass to chew but I don’t thing they are having much luck. Close by there is a chasm but the path to it has changed so much that I had a hard time recognizing the place. Next to it they are building a restaurant and to be able to see Tirana you need to go to the balcony of that restaurant.

The youth summer camp has been destroyed completely. It has been a gem but what comes to my mind right now is “Once upon a time…”. Back to present.

Besides the restaurants next to the terminal there few hotel/restaurants further away

Panorama has a very nice view of Tirana but I am not sure about the service, mixed feedback. They have small school and education facilities so if you go there please let us know what you think.

We started waking but the restaurants are not that close to each other once you go further away from the terminal. It is at least 10-15 minutes walking. We got a ride from a passing van to the King Park (old workers camp).

We really liked it, it was obvious that the establishment was not just any investment. Really nice!

Dajti Sunset
Sunset going back

The service was excellent and the food was very good. Not too many options but all of them excellent. The view is not Tirana from above but personally I had a good time there.

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